Achieve your running-related goals with an individualized training plan!

Whether you're a Boston-qualifier or a couch-to-5k beginner, you can increase mileage and intensity safely under the guidance of an experienced coach.

Kristin Louderback is an RRCA Certified running coach, seasoned marathoner and competitive Ironman triathlete who draws from firsthand endurance training experience to develop thoughtful and customized training plans for each of her runners. If you've tried cookie-cutter programs or being part of a huge running group where the coaches don't know your name, you know how frustrating it can be to have the desire to work hard and achieve your goals, but not have the direction you need to succeed. Kristin will learn what you're bringing to the table, help identify goals, and lay out a path to get there, and she loves to touch base regularly to make sure you're on the right track!

If you just want a program, you can find that online. If you want someone in your corner, helping to troubleshoot when life throws you curveballs and rejoicing with you when you CRUSH your next race, reach out to Kristin!

Not ready to commit to a race? We can work together to create a plan for you to gain general fitness and confidence in your running, and make running a part of your personal wellness plan.

Contact me directly via email or call 720-375-5378 to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Run Coaching

*3 month minimum commitment


  • Initial consultation via phone or face-to-face, based on proximity and availability
  • Program will be sent in 4 week increments using the coaching platform Final Surge (app or computer-based) and will include workouts, paces, intensity guidelines, and strength training recommendations
  • Weekly (sometimes daily!) check-in and program adjustments as needed
  • Pre-race consult (if applicable) via phone or in person


Run Coaching and massage package

*3 month minimum commitment


Includes all benefits of run coaching listed above, PLUS

  • One 60 minute massage/month
  • $50 subsequent 60 min massages during that calendar month