30 min


A great option if you are already an established client and are within a few days pre- or post-race, or would like specific work on a trouble area.

60 min


During a 60 min massage we can cover the full body, or choose a few specific areas that need attention. This sport-specific work may include trigger point release, passive or active stretching, myofascial release and other techniques geared to enhance muscle recovery and increase range of motion and muscle function.

75 min


75 min is the perfect session length for a high mileage or high intensity athlete who wants both a full body massage AND one or two specific focus areas. This longer session length is especially helpful during injury recovery and rehabilitation.

A 90 minute massage is a great way to ensure lots of specific attention to several different focus areas, while also allowing plenty of time to work thoroughly on the full body. In addition, you get the most time to relax!

90 min



Four 60 min massages $240 ($60/session; savings of $20)

Four 75 min massages $300 ($75/session; savings of $20)

Four 90 min massages $340 ($85/session; savings of $40)


Run Coaching and massage package

*3 month minimum commitment


  • Initial consultation via phone or face-to-face, based on proximity and availability

  • Program will be sent in 4 week increments and will include workouts, paces, intensity guidelines, and strength training recommendations

  • Weekly check-in and program adjustments as needed

  • Pre-race consult (if applicable) via phone or in person

  • One 60 minute massage/month

  • $50 subsequent 60 min massages during that calendar month