massage testimonials

"Kristin is an incredible massage therapist. She has definitely helped keep me running healthy and injury-free. I especially appreciate her ability to listen to my concerns and find and address problems as she is very thorough, a great listener, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her, and I always leave my massage knowing that I can tackle my next round of training with confidence thanks to her great work!"

- Kristen A., Division II 5000m National Champion, 11-time All-American, USATF Colorado Half Marathon Champion

"Kristin is downright awesome and her work is exceptional. I started coming to see her almost a year ago, and am so glad I started my weekly sessions with her. I have trained hard, remained injury free, and have felt great in the process due to her ability to adapt sessions by working the areas that need attention. The body is complex, and I am glad to have Kristin on my team keeping everything in check. I love having this weekly session to look forward to; it's a big highlight of my week!"

- Colin L., Multiple-time Top 10 Finisher Pro Ironman Triathlete, 18-time Ironman Finisher, Professional Triathlete since 2015

"Kristin is amazing! I credit Kristin with keeping me in a healthy place mentally and physically, and able to continue my running and marathon training consistently. She has a real talent for body work and a rare approach that works well for both sports recovery as well as the mental stresses of daily life. I'm grateful -- thank you, Kristin!"

- Mike P., 8-time marathon finisher

coaching testimonials

"Kristin is an amazing coach. When I first began training with her I had very little knowledge or experience running. Kristin has developed training programs to incorporate not only long runs but interval training and hill workouts to improve my speed, strength, and endurance. She not only helps with my running routines but provides guidance in other areas to ensure that I stay healthy and free from injury. She has pushed me beyond my comfort zone many times and will continue to do so in the future as my goals change. I am certain that without her guidance I would not have been as successful in training for and competing in several train and road races."        

- Renae S., half marathoner and trail lover


"Before Kristin, I would gather running plans from the internet and patch them together, always second guessing. I had big dreams and couldn't quite figure out the path to get there. Kristin took the time to listen to me, hear my goals, see where I was at, and put a plan together specifically for me. She has pushed me harder than I ever thought I could handle. She has been there to discuss bad runs and frustrations, always willing to rework the plan when needed. She helped me realize and develop my mental training, which was a HUGE area where I was lacking and I'm not sure I could have gotten that piece on my own. Above all, however, she has become one of my biggest cheerleaders. She is truly invested in me, cares about me, and has my back. It is evident in every conversation. Under her training I seized many PRs and the Boston dream, and we are now working together to chase more goals that I once thought were not possible."  

- Mary T., 2017 Boston Marathon finisher